Week 1: Intro


Hey hey babes!

Thanks for checking out Mauve’s new blog, written by me! I’m Cassidy Adolf and I’m 22 years old, a Capricorn, self-proclaimed Carrie and I love a good rosé. But also, I’ve been working with Mauve since the beginning of the Mauve Babe program back in 2017.. Today, I like to think of myself as the go-to-gal and hype woman. This brand has always meant so much to me, and with this blog I hope to show you all why. Through current Mauve Babe-written features, style inspo, tips and tricks and much more, I want to help each of you live out the mission of Mauve. Need a refresher? Mauve’s mission is to:

Empower women to live boldly and embrace their signature look. Doubt kills more outfits than failure ever will.

Sounds good, huh? I knew this brand was genuine because I had the privilege of getting to know fangirl over co-founders Alissa and Kat in high school while we danced together. After I got to meet the third co-founder Keegan when doing a broadcasting project on Mauve’s story, this message was loud and clear as ever—and the clothes were absolutely, capital K, KILLER (remember what I said about being a hype woman? Exhibit A right here).

With all of that said, please check back here once a month for a new post that we hope will empower you to be bold and be you. Plus, see my picks from the site, shows and movies, and Instagram!




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The perfect casual summer skirt. Plus, look at my best friend! Um wow!

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Game of Thrones. Don’t talk to me for a week.

*Crying (Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

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@lizzobeeating. She not only produces bops constantly, but she is the queen of loving yourself fully. Plus, she’s headlining Maha Music Festival this summer for you Nebraska gals!